15 Reasons NOT to Move to Houston Texas

15 Reasons NOT to Move to Houston Texas – are you moving to or relocating to Houston Texas? Well these 15 reasons may make your decision a little tougher, or will it?

In this video I discuss my move to Houston Texas and what it is like living here discussing some of the things I wish i know before moving to Houston Texas

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3 thoughts on “15 Reasons NOT to Move to Houston Texas

  1. Canโ€™t wait for retirement so I can move out of this stupid city! Been here 40 years. Harvey was the last straw.

    You forgot to mention the corrupt and incompetent city and county government, the Billy Bob culture, and the pervasive poverty in Houston.

  2. Not sure why these videos keep showing up in my recommendations but I got the fuck out of Houston a long time ago. I consider it a cursed city. Lived in a middle class community in Spring and all (meaning, most) my friends are dead. Those that aren’t, are doing very badly. I don’t normally believe in curses but for the Kennedy family, and Houston, I’ll make an exception.

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