PROS AND CONS of Living in Houston Texas 2021

Pros and Cons of Living in Houston Texas. Are you moving to or relocating to Houston Texas and wondering about the pros and cons of living here?

In this video Jackson discusses his Pros and Cons about living in Houston Texas not only once but twice now!

Houston Texas has so much to offer and has a ton of different styles of living for all, but will some of the cons discussed keep you away or attract you to living right here in Houston Texas!!

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3 thoughts on “PROS AND CONS of Living in Houston Texas 2021

  1. Hot and humid in Houston is soo terrible but i still love this hometown believe me i lived here for 40 years and no complaints. I loved Houston 😍 β™₯ ❀

  2. I’m really am a Californian, Bay Area. I grew up there. But my daddy was a Texian and I became one. You think traffic is bad in Houstion. Just try to go sonewear in the Bay Area. I drove from San Jose to Sacramento. Took 4 hours. Enough time to fly from San Jose to either Houston or Denver. It wasn’t that way when I grew up in the San Francisco area. I’ve heard that communters even get a suntan lying on the top of their cars in California.

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