Video: Houston fisherman spots rare manatee in Galveston Bay – Houston Chronicle

A Houston angler was caught off-guard by a shock visitor during his most current fishing tour.

At first sight, Pay Habib believed the animal that swam as much as the rocks where he was fishing very early afternoon on Monday at the Texas City Dike was a damaged dolphin. It was moving slowly, passing through along the coast where his angling reels were planted.

” After that he popped his head up,” Habib stated. “I never anticipated a manatee.”

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Habib, 35, has been fishing since he was a kid. In all his years of fishing in Texas, he has never found a manatee, likewise called a sea cow. He caught the possibility experience on video prior to sharing it with other on-line fishing enthusiasts.

” Nobody can believe it was a manatee, everyone was going nuts,” Habib stated. “It was simply the best place and the correct time.”

An official with the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding caught wind of Habib’s video and connected to record his discovery for research objectives. The not-for-profit organization has an arrangement with NOAA Fisheries (National Marine Fisheries Solution) as well as the UNITED STATE Fish as well as Wild animals Service to respond to hurt or stranded dolphins, whales and manatees along the Texas Gulf Shore.

Manatee discoveries along the Texas Gulf Coastline date back to the early 1900s and also have actually ended up being increasingly usual in recent years, according to Texas Marine Mammal Stranding executive director Heidi Whitehead. There are no resident populaces of the pet here however they move thousands of miles a year from locations such as the Caribbean basin, including the southeastern United States, during the summer months. There have actually been 15 manatee discoveries along the coast thus far in 2021, she said.

< photo class =" photo postponed threeTwo" data-width=" 2048" data-height=" 1365 "data-progressive=" true" data-component=" picture" > Beach combers, internet users and also manatees are hanging out on the Texas coast.Getty Images” When it ends up being uncommon is when we see

manatees still below in the cold weather when the water temperatures decrease and also it come to be chillier,” Whitehead claimed.” We encourage the general public to report all manatee discoveries so we can picture and identify them, work together with other companions throughout the Gulf and also possibly check them if required. “Manatees are presently listed as endangered and also are safeguarded under the Endangered Types Act and also under the

Marine Mammal Protection Act, according to the UNITED STATE Fish as well as Wild Animals Solution. There are an estimated 13,000 manatees in existence today, a significant boost from population price quotes in the 1990s. The public is urged to report all manatee discoveries, whether the animal is injured or not, at 1-800-9-MAMMAL.

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